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Auto Detailing Near Me

If you live in Stow, OH, Peninsula, Akron or a nearby area, and you ask a friend where to find 'auto detailing near me', chances are pretty good that they will tell you about us. We're Magic touch detailing, and we do have the magic touch when it comes to making your vehicle look great. Once you rely on us to detail your car for you once, you'll never ask the question 'Where can I find great auto detailing near me?’ again. When you see that your car needs detailing, you'll just automatically think of us and the job that we did. We are the best car cleaning service around. We treat your vehicle like it is our own. We give you excellent service at reasonable prices. We go over every inch of the auto so that we are sure it's perfectly cleaned.

After all, that is what detailing is all about. It's about getting the vehicle, deep down clean and that is something that we excel at. In fact, our team actually enjoys what they do. It's not like a job at all; we take pride in a job well done. Our goal is to always surpass your expectations. We are fully committed to providing you with the best service possible. We offer a variety of different services to fit your needs and your budget.

If you've never had your vehicle detailed and you're wondering how it differs from a car wash, we're happy to explain. While a car wash is a quick process that gets rid of the dirt on the outside of the car, detailing cleans the inside and outside. It is a much more thorough process than a simple car wash. Contact us today. We're sure that we can make you and your vehicle very happy.

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